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Welcome to  Rainbow Perennials ! 

Rainbow Perennials is a Canadian-owned company centered on the cultivation and propagation of Canadian winter-hardy plants. These plants are sold wholesale to Nurseries and Landscapers, with a smaller, specialized retail market. 

We also provide garden design and custom building of gardens, together with the sale of upscale tropical plants favoured by boutiques as gifts. Our unique plants are not typically available to the general Canadian public. Some have come from the private gardens of international collectors around the world.


At Rainbow, we can help you by providing a professional service team to assist you with your garden layout. We design and build long-lasting, economical gardens with plants that will come back, year after year. Our gardens are created based on your wants and the needs of your plants. And we offer plants that will provide exceptional beauty and easy care.

Through our experience of dozens of years of tests and trials, we are able to focus on those plants that successfully survive our harsh Canadian winters, and allow your investment to prosper year after year.

Rainbow Perennials has successfully propagated dozens of different species, as well as successfully grafted, rooted plants to allow controlled diversity of high-end plants and shrubs to be grown. We are also working to hybridize some plants to allow for increased hardiness and or colour diversity amongst species.  Our tests and trials are ongoing, and this cold winter should provide some results for us.

Garden Designing

This is our primary service. We will meet with you at your home to design your specific garden concept, and discuss plant types, garden layout, physical locations, soil types, and all your gardening needs.

Garden Building

This hands-on service involves providing you with garden building, adding borders, soil amending, enhancing existing gardens, creating raised beds, mulching, and providing basic garden maintenance.

What's New ?

We have been extremely busy the last few spring and summers designing and building gardens in the Durham and Toronto regions.
Our farm properties continue to grow and we have started our third year working with the local municipality to install and maintain the beautiful hanging baskets and barrels in the downtown cores.

Communities in Bloom

This year will be another exciting one for us as we are starting the Communities In Bloom program in our area. We are delighted to be a part of this local event and look forward to the positive influence and community spirit that comes with this civic pride. Our local Horticultural society is heavily involved with this event and the natural beauty that prevails is something for the whole community to enjoy.

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