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Why Perennials ?

Different plants have different growing requirements, and mixing random store-bought plants can cause confusion when some live and some die. Many people who think they have “black thumbs” simply need the right plants in the right conditions to help them successfully grow lush gardens.

Perennials provide long lasting value by coming back each year compared to annuals, which need to be replaced year after year.

By switching to a perennial garden, you’ll save your hard-earned money by only having to buy plants once. The purchase of perennials frees up your time the following spring and summer, allowing you to relax and enjoy the show while your perennial garden grows larger every year. Think of perennials as being like an RRSP of plants. They keep on growing with interest.

We carry a wide array of perennials for most areas of the garden, whether in sun or shade, dry soil or clay conditions. Rainbow Perennials can help with the selection of plants for your type of garden. Our nursery-grown perennials and shrubs were selected for their long blooming periods, enabling you to enjoy their natural beauty for extended weeks or months, depending on the species. 

Is Family Time Important ?

Are you looking for some personal time on the weekends?

You can then use your spare time to barbeque, play with the kids, golf, or have your friends over to relax on your patio and take in the view.

Don’t just spend your spring and summer on your hands and knees, elbow deep in dirt and manure, planting another flat of annuals, year after year after year.

Designing with a Plan

Natural features in your yard can be highlighted or camouflaged depending on the correct design and layout. Trees can be placed to create shade, add privacy or act as a windbreak.  Shrubs can provide accents and eye level appeal towards the foundation of garden beds.

Frequently a balance between the trees, shrubs and perennials can provide you the best visual appeal for the home owner. Evergreens can provide you with consistent colour throughout the year, flowering plants are then carefully chosen to accentuate your colour preferences or flowering times.

The spaces in-between trees and shrubs can then be used for garden beds placed alongside driveways, walkways or any hardscaping. Layered beds tend to work well incorporating terracing on slopes into a series of multi-tiered garden beds, thereby eliminating tricky mowing on slopes.

Bring the Garden to you!

Hanging baskets or large potted plants can accentuate your  patio or deck

Patio plants can be strategically placed for their visual impact or unique scents that you can enjoy during the day or well into the night .

Let our experienced designers advise on theme gardens, discuss colour or species blending, variety backgrounds, provide specimen plantings, or suggest unique artwork to complement your yard and gardens.

Remember, our staff can help you by building gardens where you want them, and bringing everything you need to create the desired effect in your personal ‘Garden of Eden’.

Our Design team can work with you to discuss what you are envisioning, and we can try to make it happen in your yard. With a few suggestions and some well seasoned expertise, we can get the correct plants into the right soil conditions and make your backyard or front walkway the envy of your neighbors.

 email info@rainbowperennials.ca for garden design info, plant varieties and suggestions.


Our plants have been selected to provide winter hardiness, variety of colour and long blooming times.

For Specific plant information, or to inquire about availability, please email info@rainbowperennials.ca for varieties and quantities.


Plants for 2009 will be available in the Spring, check with us early to ensure you have the plants you want.

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